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Etched in the Stars @ Ohme Gardens

Hosted by Inspirations Ceramic & Art Cafe and Ohme Gardens

Join us for a fun and creative night in the Gardens!  Welcoming beginners and experienced artists!  

The moon has been the object of countless artists’ work. Let it be the object of yours! In this class, Jenn & Feather will be teaching positive and negative space, layering paint and the fine details of etching. 

A special, custom mug called a “potters cup” will be offered just for this class.   You will be seated outside at Ohme Gardens, where you'll find your cup, brushes, paint and other supplies needed to complete your masterpiece!   

Wednesday, July 10th at 6:30pm
Class Fee: $39

More information:  Inspirations Ceramic & Art Café – 509-888-2464.