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Frequently Asked Questions

Wedding rates vary based on the number of guests, time of day and other factors.  Call or email us and we will be happy to send you a wedding info packet with more details.

Please contact us the Ohme Gardens office for availability.

We provide all chairs and tables (with set-up and take-down), the choice of three arbors, guest book and gift tables, and a parking lot attendant if needed.  In addition, your wedding fee covers Garden entrance admissions for your guests, a rehearsal the day before, and all pre-wedding planning visits. You will provide the rest, which gives you the freedom to choose the vendors you like for: catering, DJ/music, flowers, table settings, etc. (You may rent linens from us at an additional charge.) We have a list of local vendors to help you with your planning.
Your total "guest count" includes all wedding attendees, including the bridal party, except children 5 years old or younger.
No, all guests' admission fees are included in the wedding site fee. Guests can simply come to the main entrance/ticket window and let us know they're attending your wedding. We will direct them to your wedding site.

Yes, both wedding areas (Sunken/Lower Lawns and Entrance Lawns) are wheelchair accessible.

Your guests are welcome to tour the rest of the Gardens. In fact, they are allowed to arrive up to 1½ hours early to do so.

We do not have a large indoor area. However, the Totem Pole Lodge on our Lower Lawn is typically used for a buffet line. You can view this area and the lodge during a site visit.

Weather is definitely something to be considered at any outdoor venue.  The Gardens will not refund any fees due to weather.

We have a total of:  31 round tables (60 inches in diameter, seats 8), 14 rectangular tables (3 ft x 6 ft, seats 8), and 4 square tables (3ft x 4ft).  We also have a small, decorative “burl log” table that is often used for the guest book, sand or unity candles.

We do not have a kitchen.  Caterers often bring in ready-made food that is kept cold on ice or in a cooler, or kept warm with electric warmers.  (There are power outlets in the Totem Pole Lodge.)

Serving of alcohol is permitted only at the discretion of the Garden Administrator, and (if approved by the Garden Administrator) the individual holding the reception must obtain a Washington State Banquet Permit and provide the Gardens with a copy of the permit at least one day prior to the wedding. Banquet Permits are available online for a nominal charge at:

Yes, both areas (Sunken/Lower Lawns and Entrance Lawn) have electric outlets nearby. Let us know ahead of time if you will need extension cords.

We do not have a sound system. You may arrange for a DJ or bring in your own system or live music. Please let us know if you need vendor suggestions, we can provide you with our vendor list.

The wedding party and the photographer's admissions to the Gardens are included in the wedding fee. The wedding party may come as early as needed the day of the wedding for photos.

If you plan to have dancing we can set up a dance floor for you (for an additional charge).  There are three sizes to choose from:   12 x 12 (12 couples), 15 x 15 (20 couples), or 16 x 20 (30 couples).

We have public restrooms for Garden visitors and wedding guest use. We do not have a separate bridal changing area. Most brides get ready before they arrive at the Gardens. 

Yes, however space and electrical service is limited.  The trailer or vehicle can be no longer than 30 feet.  The power supply is 20 amps. 

Due to lighting and the natural uneven terrain of the Gardens, receptions must finish by dusk.  Half an hour to 45 minutes is allowed after this for clean-up. If you think you will need extra time for a longer reception, an "extended hours" fee can be paid which would allow additional lighting to be brought in so that you and your guests may stay until 10:30 pm.

You may, or you can use one of our three arbors. We'd be glad to email you photos if you'd like to see them.

Candles are only allowed if they are in enclosed glass containers.  No flame, however, is ever allowed in Totem Pole Lodge.

Yes, rose petals may be used as long as they are a large enough to be easily cleaned up by our staff.

Decorations may be attached to chairs and arbors with florist wire (no tape or glue is allowed).  Because of clean-up difficulty, we do not allow confetti or glitter. If you intend to use a stake to mount something into the ground, the stake may be no larger than ½ inch in diameter and no longer than 8 inches.  And under no circumstances may stakes be used on the Sunken Lawn.   If you have questions about other specific decoration plans, please discuss them with us ahead of time.

No rice is allowed at any time, but birdseed may be used in the main parking area only. The birdseed must only be given out in the main parking lot just prior to throwing it. Bubbles are allowed. Sparklers are not allowed.   Pursuant Chelan County Board of Commissioners Resolution No. 2016-59, the discharge of any fireworks (including sparklers) is prohibited.