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Class with a glass

Join us at Ohme Gardens for a Class with a Glass experience like no other! While on site at the gardens, you will learn how to paint “Ode to Ohme Gardens” – a new original by CWAG instructor Nicole Haskey. Lunch and beverages will be served from the Totem Pole structure next to the Lower Lawn (ADA accessible) where the painting class will take place.

The event begins at 1 pm, rain or shine – although if it does rain, you will enjoy the shelter of pop up canopies, so dress accordingly. All art supplies will be included, expert instruction provided, and most importantly, you will experience the stunning beauty of this local treasure while hearing a narrative of how the Ohme family created these gardens, stone by stone and one tree seedling at a time. 

You won’t want to miss this incredible afternoon, Sunday September 30, 1 – 4 pm at Ohme Gardens. *Instruction, art supplies, food, drinks and Ohme admissions fee all included.