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There are over 50 stone benches located throughout the Gardens.  Each one handcrafted by the Ohme Family. Many offer inspiring views of the valley; others are in quiet corners of the Gardens.  Benches may be "adopted" and dedicated in memory of a loved one or sponsored by a family or business to celebrate a special occasion or commemorate an important milestone.

A sponsorship will last 10 years (with the option to renew) and will be recognized by a plaque on the sponsorship board at the entrance to the Gardens and on the Ohme Gardens website. 

There are two ways to sponsor a bench: (1) a straight donation in the amount of the bench value (fully tax-deductible), or (2) by purchasing a special transferable "Bench Pass" which allows free admission to the Gardens for the 10-year term of the sponsorship (not tax-deductible.)   Number of admissions per pass based on bench value (see list).

All funds raised through the "Adopt-a-Bench" program will go to the preservation and enhancement of Ohme Gardens.   


A list of the benches and their "adoption" value.

Ohme Gardens County Park is a department of the County of Chelan, a political subdivision of Washington State. All funds donated to Ohme Gardens are used solely for public purposes.

Established in 1929, Ohme Gardens is a nationally acclaimed attraction located in the Wenatchee Valley. With its winding stone paths, pools, waterfalls, spectacular views and forest of trees, this unique evergreen oasis is a living legacy -- a testament to the Ohme Family’s hard work and vision. Over the years, however, as the Gardens have grown and matured, so has the need for additional maintenance and upkeep. The County of Chelan took over management of the Gardens to keep it open to the public but always with the intent that it would be self-supporting. While admission fees, weddings, and events cover day-to-day operations it is not enough to preserve and enhance this aging garden for the long-term. And so we are turning to the community for support. With help from our friends, neighbors, and visitors we will be able to keep the Gardens alive and thriving for years to come!

A map showing the exact location of each bench is available here.  

Ohme Treasures: as indicated or "Bench Pass x 6"

1 Stone Picnic Table & Four Benches $10,000 *  
2 Campfire Pit Bench $5,000 *  
3 Hobbit Bench $3,500 *  
4 Picture Lawn Bench $3,000 *  
5 Couch Bench $2,500  
6 U-View Bench $2,500  
7 Hidden Pool Bench - South $2,500  
8 Hidden Pool Bench - East $2,500  
9 Guest Book Table $2,500  
* 1-4: Pass includes one private event per year (daytime: 30 guests max)

The Classics: $1,500 or "Bench Pass x 5"

10 Wishing Well Bench  
11 Top Lawn Bench  
12 Top Area Bench  
13 Top Area Valley View Bench  
14 Decision Point Waterfall Bench  
15 The Chair (at Entrance)  
16 Best-Place-To-Kiss Bench  
17 Dead-End Path Bench  
18 By-Pass Trail Bench  
19 Sylvan Pool Bench - North  
20 Sylvan Pool Bench - South  
21 Sylvan Hide-A-Way Bench  
22 Hemlock Tree Bench  
23 Campfire Stairs Bench  
24 Bottom-of-the-Diamond Bench  
25 Cactus Point Bench  
26 Sunken Lawn Bench  
27 Lower Twin Pool - East  
28 Lower Twin Pool - West  
29 Lower Twin Pool - South  
30 The Junction Bench  

Double Benches: $1,000 or "Bench Pass x 4"

31 Top Pool Bench - East TAKEN
32 Top Pool Bench - West  
33 Woodland Path Bench  
34 Cedar Cliff Bench  
35 Lower Cliff Trail Bench  
36 Hook Lawn Bench TAKEN
37 Fireplace Bench  
38 Burch Mountain Rock Bench  
39 Western Red Cedar Bench TAKEN
40 Ox Yoke Lodge Bench  
41 Postcards Bench  
42 Entrance Lawn Bench  
43 Campfire Area Bench - East  
44 Campfire Area  Bench - West  
45 Bridgeview Bench  
46 Zig Zag Bench  
47 The Viewpoint Bench  
48 Aspen Point Bench  
49 Hidden Pool Dead-End Bench  
50 Upper Twin Pool Bench TAKEN
51 Twin Pool Lawn Bench  

Single Benches: $500 or "Bench Pass x 2"

52 Woodland Path Stool Bench  
53 Above Sylvan Pool Bench  
54 Upper Cliff Trail Bench  
55 Lower Cliff Trail Chair  
56 Lower Cliff Trail Giant Chair  
57 Top-of-the-Diamond Bench  
58 Moment-in-Time Waterfall Rock Bench  
59 Mike's Big Asset Rock TAKEN