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Friends of Ohme

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The Friends of Ohme Gardens Society is a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization created to assist the Ohme Gardens staff in maintaining the beautiful Wenatchee valley treasure. The goal of the Friends Society is to create awareness and appreciation throughout the community.

Bonnie Orr and Sally Brawley have been amazing Friends of Ohme members for years. Now they are digging in and leading the effort to reinvigorate the group. Bonnie and Sally need your help and they are looking for more volunteers. Whether you want to dig in the dirt or help greet visitors they promise to have a fun-filled position for you!

Here are some ways you can be a part of the Friends Society and how you can help:

  • Greet visitors and volunteers at special events
  • Develop and implement fundraising projects
  • Promote the Gardens at local, community events
  • Provide refreshments for "National Make a Difference Day" on October 24th
  • Create a plant list, bird list, etc.
  • Weeding and light gardening

A Friends Society membership is $20 and includes an Ohme Gardens t-shirt and other benefits. For an additional $20.00 you can get one of these cool “Ohme Homie” t-shirts that Bonnie and Sally are wearing in their photo with garden celebrity Ciscoe Morris.

To join the Friends of Ohme Gardens Society or for more information, email Bonnie Orr at